Memory River

 Darcy Moore can’t remember anything. She wakes up in the hospital sure that something terrible has happened, but is told that she only slipped and fell, hitting her head. She can’t remember her parents or her friends or her school, but eventually, with nothing else wrong with her, she is sent home.

Darcy moves home to an unfamiliar room and is soon going to school again. She has friends she’s never met and a loving family of complete strangers. She begins to have panic attacks at the smallest provocation: an unexpected knock, a car backfiring, dogs barking suddenly.

            Despite this, she befriends a boy named Garrett and his dog Bruno. With Bruno and Garret to help her, Darcy must figure out what is going on and recover her lost memories before she goes mad. The more they discover, the more they realize nothing is what it seems and begin to wonder if Darcy is the crazy one or is it the whole town?

 Into the Fire

 Mora Monroe is an odd girl. Diagnosed with a learning disorder at an early age, she frequently finds herself staring out into space and cannot remember large blocks of time.

Or so she says. The truth is far more bizzare: Mora Monroe can see the future.

            Mostly she sees little things of no consequence: Bobby Martin dropping a pencil, Mrs. Phillips’s car getting a flat, Susan Gates winning best smile for the yearbook. The visions are an ordinary, if sometimes troublesome, part of her life.

            But suddenly her premonitions change. They are filled with dark and dangerous things.  Mora doesn’t know what’s going on or what she can do about it, but she has to try.  Even if it means becoming entangled in a war of good and evil where the victory prize is her very soul.

The Wizard's Request 

             Her whole life, Kya knew she was different. As an adopted daughter of the Tree People of Shangala, her differences in appearance are readily apparent, but no daughter of the Trees is more devoted than Kya. And no daughter has ever been so devastated to be torn away.

            To fulfill an old promise, the Elders insist Kya and her brother, Adge, venture across the sand bridge, through the flood plains, and into the heart of Tanis Lavia: The Sorcerer’s City. There, the siblings learn that all is not well within the lands of Calabria and only Kya holds the key to making it right.

            As a dark Army rises, led by a king mad with power, Kya is given a choice: Will she seek out her birthright and stand against the darkness? Or will she return to Shangala, to the shadow of the Trees and the loving arms of her family?


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